Anonymous: can somebody please list ways to help me stop procrastinating and stop stressing so much about school? thanks! 



here are few things what I find helpful when I feel like procrastinating.

-Making a list of tasks for each day and check-listing them once I get things done
-Setting a certain time for doing things (example: at 17:00 I’ll write an essay)
-Starting with doing something. Usually it is the most difficult part so once you start doing the rest will follow. (example: after having a small snack and cup of coffee I will do the assignment)
-Reminding yourself why you should start (example: passing this course is important for the final note, and getting good notes is important for my future career etc.)
-Eliminating distractors. If the laundry pile is waiting and dishes need to be done it is hard to focus on school because your mind keeps shifting. Don’t try to multitask! Do the dishes, laundry, check the coming message on your phone but once you start with the school work don’t return to these until you are done.
-Doing work in small parts. It is easier to tackle one assignment at the time is easier than doing whole course’s work in one evening!

What helps the best against stress is effective planning, and if you don’t procrastinate too much and stick to your own planning the stress doesn’t get to grow too big. Working gradually towards your notes is a good way to relieve stress too, try to do little bit every day so you make a habit out of the studying. And remember, if you can’t do anything about it there is no reason to stress about it. If you can help it though then start doing instead of only worrying about it.

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